Choose from 164 forex pairs and trade any currency you have ever looked for!


    Invest in corporate or government BONDs and use your investments as collateral.


    Benefit from the world consumption of crops, metals and energy. Choose from our broade range of Futures and CFDs and watch your investment groving

  • CFD Trading

    Global access to Stock, Commodity, FOREX and index tracking CFDs, from an Ideal workstation. Go long or short on CFDs as your portfolio or hedging strategy requires.


    Trade STOCKs Online on 29 global markets; use our risk management tools combined with asset protection and enjoy our competitive pricing.


    Benefit from sharp market movements without knowing the right direction or gain easily on ranging market movements.


    Get an insight into the world’s largest FUTURE markets, trade the energy sector, metals, currencies and agriculturals for a low commission rate


    Video Tutorials

    To learn more about the LOYEX TraderPRO user interface please watch our video guide and learn how to use the trading stations. You will be guided through how to personalize and how to trade on desktop trader, webtrader and mobile trader




    If you would like to know more about

    • -trading hours,fund transfers,
    • -withdrawals,trading devices,
    • -platforms trading conditions, available products and markets,

    please visit our Frequently Asked Questions site.




    Technical Analysis

    Technical analysis is a security analysis discipline used for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.

    Learn the basics about market’s behavior, indicators used by professionals, and chart patterns



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